ERP Manager/Business Analyst


Responsible for managing the company’s ERP systems, both Full Circle and Netsuite, and ensuring accurate communication between the company’s various other systems.  Reports to President and works closely with others in the company, including production, operations, sales and direct-to-consumer, to develop and maintain appropriate business processes.

  • Develop systematic ERP reporting tools and processes to provide timely and accurate information to the sales, production, direct-to-consumer and other teams in the company
  • Implement improvements in the company’s ERP usage and business processes, priorities to be determined in conjunction with the company’s President
  • Assist with the deployment and usage of the Qlikview business intelligence tool
  • Maintain accurate data connections between Full Circle, Netsuite, Joor and Qlikview
  • Work with the company’s IT manager to maintain appropriate security in the company’s ERP and other systems
  • Create and maintain documentation such as policies, procedures, workflows and user guides (e.g. system maintenance policies and procedures, and security policy and procedures)
  • Educate and mentor others in the organization regarding the successful use of the company’s ERP and other systems
  • Ensure data integrity, stability and availability of the company’s ERP systems
  • Provide project leadership and/or participate as a technical team member
  • Assist with feasibility studies for new initiatives



  • 2+ years of experience in ERP systems with a background in apparel wholesale/retail manufacturing and distribution
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong technical skills, and experience with typical interface techniques
  • Able to build process/systems
  • Self-starter; takes the initiative, able to work independently
  • Strong interpersonal skills, able to work across various functional areas of the organization
  • Excellent attention to detail and complex problem solving capabilities
  • Adaptable and flexible



  • Writing expressions and Calculated Dimensions; Qlikview is based loosely on VBA so someone who is good with excel formulas would pick it up well.
  • Understands excel functionality; Sum values, if statements, and pivot tables
  • Data validation; data dumping and cross referencing Detail and summary level reports to find discrepancies
  • Strong analytical thought process is probably most critical

*Doesn’t need to be someone that is familiar with QVs backend or development aspects. That’s handled by AptClarity and they own the code, so we can’t mess with it.



  • Understands Order Processing, Production (Finished goods and cuts) Orders in order to troubleshoot both
  • Running reports (data dumps) and using pivot tables to display info. Filtering data is also important. (navigating excel in general)
  • Understanding product flow in general; PLM, Production, Catalog and UPCs, Sales Order Allocation and picking and packing (although those areas are relatively independent.)
  • There would likely be some data validation or auditing flat files when resolving issues with Joor and Full Circle.
  • Also familiarity with system integrations would be good. Data feeding into Full Circle (Factor Approvals, Chargebacks and ADP integration are currently pending)



  • Familiar with web portals. Fairly straight forward.
  • Building line sheets. Occasionally will have to look at files going from FC over to audit and check data
  • More data dumping for data validation here.


  • Tustin, CA

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