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THE IDEA It started as an idea on the sands of Manhattan Beach, CA over forty years ago. Armed with an MBA, ambition, and creative desire; Raj Bhathal and his wife Marta, a UCLA beach girl with an eye for fashion and an athlete's competitive drive, founded RAJ Swim in 1967. The idea was then, as it still is, to be the swimwear industry's leading house of fashion.


BAREFOOT MISS DAYS From the outset, the company succeeded by placing fashion first and fulfilling its commitment for quality and reliability. In these early days, Barefoot Miss was the company's only brand. It soon became the favorite label for America's fickle teenage girls.


THE BUSINESS GROWS The retail world quickly discovered the talents and potentialĀ of the RAJ team. New product offerings were eagerly received and new brands were introduced to address the lack of fashionable, well-fitting swimwear. ATHENA Collection was introduced in 1983. Soon, RAJ was designing and manufacturing suits for all segments of the swimwear market: girls, juniors, and missy.


THE NEXT GENERATION The vision set forth by Raj and Marta almost 5 decades ago is now being carried forth by a new generation. The founder's children, Lisa & Alex lead RAJ Swim in the new millennium.


LEADERSHIP RAJ Swim is the hottest company in swimwear today. Primarily still a domestic manufacturer, RAJ competes by leading the industry in fashion and execution. Every year, the industry's best design team produces innovative and creative fashion for the current stable brands: ATHENA, NEXT, LUXE By Lisa Vogel, Ella Moss, Splendid, Basta, Juicy, Reef, Oakley and Nautica. By controlling production at its company-owned manufacturing facilities in Orange County and Los Angeles, California, RAJ continues to set the industry standards for on-time shipping, quality, and quality control.

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