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April 28, 2017

Transworld Business: VYB Swim>

Launching its initial collection today, VYB is a swim line built around having an authentic voice in the market. It’s sustainable ethos focuses on minimal impact to the environment, an affordable price point, and taking a grassroots approach to reaching consumers— all elements that millennials can get behind.

Twelve creatives within RAJ Swim, now known as the VYB Tribe, came together with an idea of what they felt was a void in the market. They wanted to embody the beach sexy look, but also create a diverse brand that spoke to the different vibes they had as a group, along with fellow millennials, hence the clever name.


vyb swim

The millennial audience is VYB’s target demographic—and one they intimately understand, being millennials themselves. Photo: @isaac_zoller

With RAJ Swim having little involvement in the development of VYB, senior designer Holly Swope was able to make this passion project come to life through many meetings and hard work.

“After designing for various brands throughout the years, being given complete creative freedom and designing off of gut instinct is and was a dream come true,” Swope said. “Initially we were inspired by digging through archives of some of the retro styles from the 50-year history at RAJ. Once we decided to use deadstock, we started shopping the fabric and we organically created styles based on instinct and personal choice. With no rules and no limitations, magical things happen— thus, VYB was born.”


vyb swim

Tapping into endless possibilities at RAJ’s LA factory. Photo: @isaac_zoller

A major component to the brand’s sustainability is the use of deadstock materials—any unsold, never worn or remnant scraps that typically wind up in forgotten stockpiles. Having access to the RAJ Swim factory and hundreds of leftover or untouched materials, some of which being luxury pieces, the possibilities were endless. The collections are also limited edition with limited pieces, meaning once they are gone, they are gone forever.

Their first collection is a mix of five different trends, including a wide range of fresh new cuts and fun silhouettes. In addition, they added Vitals; basic silhouettes that can be mixed and matched back into the collection.


vyb swim

A solid mix of trending styles and basics is what VYB hopes propels them to the next level. Photo: @isaac_zoller


VYB is also taking a grassroots approach to entering the swim market. They realized their customer isn’t interested in what the mass media swim influencer is wearing, but more so what their influential friends or peers are wearing.

“We didn’t feel spreading the word to the masses via overproduced glorified/ retouched imagery (i.e. using high profile influencers and socialites) was the right choice for us,” said Holly Harshman, marketing director. “The micro-influencers and peer-to-peer grassroots approach is much more gravitating to our consumer.”


Vyb Swim

The brand is focusing in on those “micro-influencers” who are looked to by their peers as tastemakers. Photo: @isaac_zoller

VYB is tapping into a market where bikinis are everything and shoppers buy an array for every sun session, also known as the “Bikini Collectors.” The strategy deploys college ambassadors and micro-influencers posting to their social channels at the outset of the brand’s launch, giving VYB an audience of roughly 3.2 million eyes.

“The pace at which influencers can change the trajectory of a brand is incredible and we’re excited to see the blockbuster launch reach our target consumer,” said Brittney Hertel, PR and media manager.


vyb swim

Marketing meeting in progress—the VYB Tribe gathers to discuss color ways, trends and hone in on the gap in the swim market that is the millennial female. Photo: @isaac_zoller

With the mixture of authenticity, sustainability and affordable price points we can all get behind, VYB is on its way to being the next staple swimsuit to add to your collection.