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February 7, 2017

Transworld Business: VYB>

The most notable and simultaneously emerging brand to get excited about for next season is VYB. Designer Holly Swope wanted to create designs that suited the ever-changing moods women have day to day. Whether your vibe be bohemian one day or edgy the next, VYB has the style you want. Not only is this brand run and designed by a gang of powerful women, but all of their swimsuits are made from deadstock materials.

Since VYB is owned by RAJ Swim, they have access to in-stock fabrics that have never been —probably won’t be— used, making recycled pieces into swimsuits. VYB has no need to produce fabrics or create more waste, making it fully sustainable. This also means all the suits are limited edition pieces for each season, including novelty fabrics and a variety of new designs to fit your many vibes.