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NY Market 2016 June 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015


NY Market crept upon us! Yet another season ahead and we are excited to share with you new styles, beautiful color palettes and…not to mention, three new brands including: Basta, Juicy Couture and Oakley. What’s ahead?? See below for a quick tid bit on 2016 swim trends & keep an eye out for an upcoming WWD feature on RAJ as the leading trendsetters!

Splendid: Historically, Splendid stays very true to its standard brand DNA of solids/stripes. For the 2016 season, we are really excited about shaking things up a bit! You will see bright colors, bold prints and tons of mix and match options for the consumer to get creative with. We have expanded our rashguard/ cover-up selections with tunics, long flowy dresses & as a new addition, comfy rayon joggers!

Ella Moss: For the 2016 Ella Moss season, we really focused on honing the essence of the brand. You will see beautiful water-washed boho-prints, classic statement pieces and resort ready cover ups. The 2016 color palette goes from blacks and blues to a beautiful range of pinks and purples. Keep a look out for macramé detailing, embroidery, and  an elegant touch of lace. All aboard the BOHO CHIC train…yes, please!

Are you on the edge of your seat yet? Stay tuned for more #swimtrends from the rest of our brands!

Signing off,

Team RAJ